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Octopus with choppedmacaroni


1 average octopus (about 1 kg)

1 ½ wineglass of olive oil

½ kgchopped macaroni

1 big dry onion

2 averageripetomatoes (or 1 fulltablespoon of tomato puree)


Salt (if necessary)


  • Preheat the oven in 250ο.
  • Put 2/3 ofoliveoilin the sauce panand add the onion(grounded up). Slightly sauté.
  • Addtheoctopus, whichweconstantlyflipwith a fork (so it doesn’t stick on the sauce pan). If needed pour some boiled water. This procedure lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Lowerthetemperaturein 200ο, addboiledwaterandlet it boilfor 1hour (check with the fork if it’s still soft).Iftheoctopusisreadyweremoveitwithabigspoonand continue the process, if notwe let it in the sauce pan.
  • Addmoreboiledwater (asneededforthemacaronitoboil), tomato, pepper, the rest of the olive oiland salt if needed (don’t forget that the octopushas its own saltand most of times it doesn’t need extra to be added).
  • Whentheboilingstarts we add the chopped macaroni and stir sporadically. When all the fluids are absorbed it is ready.
  • Inservingitcanbeaccompanied withgratedkefalotyri, gravieraormizithra.

Preparation time:   30 minutes.

Cooking time: 1 hour& 30 minutes.


Note: inasimilarwayit can be cookedalso in the saucepan.